PARTsolutions files for CATIA V5 will be delivered in an archived folder (.zip extension) as CATIA Macro files (.CATscript extension). In order to utilize these files, please do the following…

CATIA V5 Toolbar:

  1.  Use WinZip (or equivalent program) to extract the files contained in the .zip archive.
  2. Start the Macro Dialog from the CATIA V5 Menu (Tools à MacroàMacros), or simply press Alt + F8 to open the macro menu.
  3. Locate .CATscript file by selecting Macro Libraries…
  4. Find an existing library:
    • Select Add existing library…
    • Choose the directory location and select OK.
  5. Select Run Macro.
  6. Enter the destination directory where the part will be stored.


Step 1: Unzip Folder

To extract files contained in the .zip archive use WinZip or an equivalent program. Step 2: Open Macro Dialog

Step 2: Open Macro Dialog

Use the CATIA V5 Menu toolbar: Tools à MacroàMacros. This process can also be done by pressing Alt+F8.

Step 2: Open Macro Dialog

Step 4a: Add Existing Library

To find the .CATscript file location select “Add exisiting library…”.

Step 4b: Search for Directory

Use the scroll bar to find and select file location and then press “OK” to continue.

Step 5: Run Macro

Run Macro

Select .CATscript file and then “Run” to continue.

Step 6: Directory Path

Macro Temp Path

Enter the destination directory where the part will be stored then press “OK” to continue.



The CATIA Macro file process is now complete.

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